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ORGANIC. Organic, not only the foundation of organic agriculture and species-appropriate animal/livestock husbandry but also the sustainable management of healthy and nutrient dense soils.

Adamah Biohof

In order to guarantee that the food used in the BASENBOX is really fresh and derived from organic farming, we source our food from a local organic farm, the ADAMAH Biohof (Link). The ADAMAH Biohof is located in Marchfeld, only 10km outside of Vienna and supplies us several times a week, with local and seasonal food from certified organic agriculture. He cultivates a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and herbs, some of which are absolute rarities (allowing the Basenbox to make varied dishes from local, organic foods).


Since its our concern to be kind to nature, it is of great importance to us that our packaging is environmentally friendly. Our packaging is made from recyclable paper and despite its natural raw material, It has excellent properties such as being microwaveable and is ovenproof.

We are happy to use used paper bags that are still in good condition to avoid unnecessary garbage.