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  • When will the food be delivered?

    Our delivery times are from MON-THU 2PM – 4.30PM and FRI 12PM – 2.30PM

  • What is the delivery area?

    We deliver our food throughout the whole city of Vienna. On request deliveries outside of Vienna (+15 km) are possible for orders for at least 3 people. Additional costs might incur.


  • What do you do if you have intolerances or allergies?

    We try our best to take most food intolerances and allergies into consideration. It is possible to specify them when registering (2nd step of the order). Unfortunately, there are certain cases that we cannot cater to (e.g. gluten) – in a situation like this, we will contact you immediately after registration.

  • Are there guidelines to follow during the program?

    Yes, there are some guidelines that support the success of this dietary change. for example, during the course of the treatment, you should avoid alcohol and minimise the consumption of coffee. There will be more information about this matter in our welcome letter that you will receive at the beginning of the program/treatment.

  • What can I do if I can’t accept the delivery?

    If you are not available during our delivery times, please contact us as soon as possible – we will always find a solution. We often deliver our packages to neighbours, a business next door or a porter – no problem.

  • Are all Basenbox menus strictly alkaline?

    Our dishes are not all purely alkaline, but have a base excess and are based on the 80/20 rule (80% alkaline-forming foods, 20% acid-forming foods), as the body also needs certain acid-forming foods, such as certain nuts, cereals and legumes.

  • Where do the groceries come from? Organic?

    We guarantee that the ingredients used in the Basenbox come from organic farms and we are certified by the Austria Bio Garantie GmbH. We obtain all our fruits and vegetables from the ADAMAH organic farm (www.adamah.at). You can find more information about organic agriculture here.

  • What and how much should I drink?

    We recommend that you drink between 2 and 3 liters of water or tea (unsweetened) per day, preferably herbal teas. As you eat a lot of fiber, drinking is especially important to get your digestion going. The fluid will also assist to flush through the kidneys and therefore aid the detoxification process.

  • How many calories does my meal have?

    We deliberately don’t add the number of calories to the dishes as we like to move away from the “obsessive calorie counting”. If you eat healthy, you don’t need to worry about hidden calories. Our daily range is between 1,200 and 1,700 kcal.

  • Am I losing weight during the program?

    Our body has developed an ingenious method of protecting organs from excess acids and pollutants. Fat, for example, has the property of keeping unwanted substances locked in. During the alkaline diet program, the body goes through a detoxification process. Therefore, weight loss may occur as the fat cells can dissolve the trapped acids,  neutralise and excrete them.

  • How many days of the program should I do?

    You have to book our program a minimum of 3 days, every Basenbox day will have a positive effect on you and provide you with important nutrients. The longer you participate in this dietary change, the more noticeable benefits you will see and feel – you will detox, you will load up on crucial vital minerals and vitamins, you will sleep better, lose weight, have more energy among many other positive side effects. Therefore, we recommend 10 days to fully reap all the benefits, but you’ll already feel better after just a few days.

  • How to reheat my meals?

    As our meals are delivered cold so you will have to reheat them. This can easily be done by using the oven, microwave  (including packaging) or in a pan (plastic lids may be removed if necessary) . That being said, all our meals can be enjoyed cold too.

  • What do I do on weekends?

    With every Basenbox package you will receive a letter, that contains facts about the nutrients of the used ingredients and how they work in the body.” Every Friday, the letter will contain instructions on how to continue with the treatment/program on weekends.

  • How long until the food expiry date?

    We guarantee that the daily Basenbox meals, refrigerated last for 24 hours. Our meals would definitely keep longer than that, but the course of the treatment determines that the food should be eaten within a certain period of time, which is within 24 hours.

  • 5 hours between meals?

    Every time you eat something your blood sugar level rises and your body has to produce insulin to bring your blood sugar back to a normal level. When you eat  a normal meal, this process takes about 2.5 hours, only after this time does your body have the time to focus on burning fat. So if you allow 5 hours between meals, you will burn fat and fire up your metabolism.

  • Why do you use so little salt?

    Salt has the property of binding water but during the alkaline diet we do not want to store the water in the body, but need it as a means of transportation to eliminate acids and pollutants.

  • Can I do sports during the program?

    Sport is actually extremely good during the alkaline diet! As this dietary change naturally also attacks the body’s own reserves, therefore it is important to reduce fat and not muscle mass, which is achieved by exercise. A muscle that is warm will not be provided as an energy source.