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In our body there are constantly chemical processes taking place, which determine the metabolic activity and the activity of all other vital body processes. Our body is mostly water, which is either acidic or alkaline, measured by the pH scale. Different pH values ​​can be found within the body, and in order for everything to work smoothly, there must be a balanced ratio of both in our organism. There are several regulatory mechanisms that maintain this balance with the highest precision. However, the European diet tends to involve an excess of acidic foods, resulting in fatigue, digestive problems, mood swings, joint aches, weight gain and so on. This imbalance can quickly and easily be put back into balance, if you omit acid-forming foods for a certain period of time. This is not a change in diet that has to be followed for a lifetime, but a correction of the pH level.The alkaline diet provides a way to lose weight and to re-balance the pH level. Organs have a chance to rest, metabolic waste is eliminated and you stock up on vitamins and minerals. What makes so many people happy is that this type of fasting is hardly a limitation in food intake, anything can be eaten, that produces alkaline elements through the metabolism. Only acidic foods are largely removed.


Chronic acidity can have a major impact on our immune system, as it leads to the breakdown of proteins in our body. This also affects protein-containing blood components (that is, immunoglobulins or antibodies) that our immune system needs. This results in chronic hyperacidity, a lack of antibodies.

Another important group of proteins, the enzymes, are also severely affected by chronic hyperacidity. All creatures of the earth depend on the smooth functioning of these enzymes and only in an optimal pH environment, can these proteins proceed undisturbed.

Not only our immune system can be affected by hyperacidity, it also often has a negative effect on the nervous system. In case of hyperacidity, our body increasingly produces the stress hormone adrenalin and the thyroid hormone thyroxine. The increased release of these two hormones makes you feel rushed, restless and nervous. In addition, they can lead to insomnia. The persistent restlessness, bad sleep and irritability are very exhausting in the long term. The desperately needed recovery phase does not take place anymore because this hormonal situation simply prevents this! This results in fatigue, loss of performance and concentration, bad mood, even civilisational diseases such as depression (which can be prevented by the alkaline diet). All this leads to stress, which is an enormous burden for the body and also contributes to the production of even more acids in the organism.

When we manage to balance our pH level we feel more relaxed, more balanced, the mood increases noticeably and sleep is more restful!

pH - level: The Nutrition

Foods are divided into acid and alkaline forming groups, depending on whether an alkaline or an acidic end product is produced in the body after processing. Minerals and trace elements are alkaline, while proteins and carbohydrates increase acidity.

Generally speaking, one can say that in todays world, too many acidic foods such as carbohydrates and proteins are on the menu in relation to alkaline forming vegetables and fruits.
In addition to protein and carbohydrate overfeeding, stimulants such as sugar, alcohol, coffee, black tea, nicotine and caffeine-containing sodas add to the chronic acidity.

From an evolutionary point of view, our digestion is not designed to absorb so many acid-forming foods, as humans have, until a certain point in time, mainly fed on alkaline foods. Our ancestors had no meat and cheese, no sugar and fats in abundance. Although they went hunting to get the necessary protein, they consumed mostly alkaline rich seeds, nuts and plants. Unfortunately, these are the ingredients that most of us eat too little today.

pH - Balance: Drinks and Hydration

The recommended daily intake of 1.5-2 litres of water is necessary for a balanced acid-alkaline ratio. Most people drink far less per day, which results in the kidney’s not being able to flush out all the required amounts of waste products. Instead of alkaline-forming mineral water (non-carbonated), coffee, highly concentrated sugary fruit juices, alcohol or sodas are consumed, which over-acidifies the body.

Especially, alcohol is considered to play a major role because it affects the body in several ways:

  • It directly damages the liver by destroying the cells. In addition, it indirectly damages the liver by first causing the cells to become fatten and then die off.
  • Alcohol is very acidic. The fluid causes an acidic pH environment that is unfavourably to the liver.
  • It drains the body of water. With that also all alkaline minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium are washed out. The blood becomes more viscous – with the consequence that the fluidity/blood flow decreases.

pH - Balance: Exercise

A balanced workout helps the whole organism. The cardiovascular system, the connective and supporting tissues. Skin and lungs are also stimulated and strengthened with appropriate physical activity. Even the intestine is dependent on physical activity in its ability to function. During exercise, carbon dioxide is exhaled through the lungs. If sufficient bases have been taken in the diet, they are always available to occupy the places of the expired acids.

Also, the removal of lactic acid (lactate) from the muscles is accelerated. It is therefore advisable to eat alkaline foods before exercising.

Sweating is also a valuable ability to excrete toxins. With the sweat, toxins are released, the skin is cleansed and receives, thanks to the increased blood flow, a better look. However, if you are training too much and overwhelm the system the body can become acidic which manifests itself as muscle pain or cramps.

pH - Balance: Way of Life

It is important to see our body and soul as a whole. Only this way we can establish a stability in which an acid-alkaline balance can occur. Spiritual high tension, in the truest sense of the word, poisons the organism – it makes it angry! Not only because we are acidifying internally, but also because we tend to eat worse at stressful times and eat less or too much depending on the type of person. We cheer ourselves up in such situations with soul comforters such as sweets, alcohol and cigarettes and reinforce our suffering with deficiency or malnutrition.

Daily stress massively affects our acid-alkaline balance because more alkaline-forming minerals are consumed by the body.

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