Alkaline Diet - Basenbox - basisches Essen direkt zu dir nachhause


Basisches Abendessen, Basenbox Wien



Basenfasten 2.0 - wir bekochen und beliefern Dich täglich mit 3 basischen Bio-Gerichten.


Our multi-day programm cleanses your body.


Fostered by providing plant-based menus.


More energy thoughout the entire day.

Save time

No shopping, cooking or planing – just eating.

Improve Metabolism

Your whole metabolism will re-balance itself.

Better sleep

Deeper sleep and getting out of bed easily.

Daily Learnings

Our daily letter includes interesting food-facts.

Daily Fresh

We will deliver your food on a daily basis.

Our Program

You can book our program starting from a minimum of 3 days. However, we see the biggest success after 10 days. That being said, you can already notice a difference just after a couple of days.

Delivery Area

Delivery Times

We will delivery you our complete daily menu between 2pm and 4.30pm, Monday-Thursday. Fridays we deliver earlier, between 12.30pm and 3pm.

Dinner for that day, Breakfast and Lunch for the day after.

Program Letter

In addition, you will receive a daily information letter form us stating what you are getting to eat, which foods are included and how the individual nutrients act on our bodies.


In order to achieve optimal success, we give you simple recipes for the weekend, so that you can cook fresh, alkaline dishes at home.

A BOX a day keeps the doctor away

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The focus during the treatment course lies on vegetables, fruits and various grains. Meat and Fish are not included, only few animal products are used as they form acid in our bodies.

80 : 20

When preparing our food we follow the 80:20 rule. We use 80% alkaline and 20% acid-forming foods. Organic grains, nuts and legumes are acid forming and provide vital nutrients and fats. From time to time, we use dairy products to refine our dishes.

Our fruits and vegetables come from a local organic farmer who supplies us with fresh produce several times per week. As his offer varies from week to week, there is no “regular” menu plan for our food program, so we surprise our customers daily as variety is very important to us.



That’s how your week could look like.


The last breakfast you have to prepare yourself.

One last lunch before we take over.

Basisches Essen in Wien, Basenkur

Here we go: Sauerkraut stew with sweet potatoes


Chia pudding with melon puree and cashews

Crisp lentil salad

Basisches Abendessen, Basenbox Wien

Pumpkin soup with coconut milk


Whole grain muesli with mango

Wild and brown rice with root vegetables

Mangel strudel


Carrot ginger spread with home made whole grain bread

Red beet salad with oranges

Vegetable patties with mash and mangel


Dry fruit porridge with goji berries

Vegetable Thai curry

Potato casserole with leek


Kidney bean mousse with bread and cucumbers

Gazpacho with canihua

Recipes for the weekend

Organic? OF COURSE!